Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A man with a plan.

Wow, so yeah. A shit ton of stuff has been going on in the last few months! I went to NY (twice), we moved (twice, to new rentals, not owned places - long story!), work kicked up about 15 notches, and there are some awesome summer things coming up (friends visiting! concerts! road trips! weddings!) 

But in the meantime, since I can't get into all of that right at this moment, I wanted to share something that Sean said the other day because it made me giggle. There's a teeny tiny chance I'll get to go to a programming conference in Cannes in the fall, and when I told Sean, he actually got excited. And then two days later, he said he came up with the PERFECT thing to say to the snobby French people he might potentially meet if/when we go. 

Sean: "I'm going to ask them if they speak German."
Adriana: "Um, ok."
Sean: "And then when they say no, all snooty like, I'm going to be like, YOU'RE WELCOME."

Ha! Nevermind that he would likely never actually say that, and that we'd likely meet lots of NICE French people... it just made me smile. 

Hope to be back with more soon!

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