Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can't catch a break.

Oiy. It's been a while, right? 

We went to London in early October and things have just been a giant whirlwind since then. 

The trip? Was ok. It was GREAT to see Sinead and Clara... but London wasn't one of our favorite places of all time. I'm finally getting around to writing about it over on Tendency To Wander, so when I'm done, I'll link to the posts over there. 

Since we've been back, we've been even more intense about finding a new place to live. When we started looking for a house/condo/whatever to buy, we had no urgency because we have a month to month rent in Topanga, and we figured we would take our time to make sure we found the right place.

But now? Now we actively want to move. We hit four years in our place in August, and we started seriously looking at our lifestyle in Topanga. For every plus, there's a drawback or two - it takes SO long to get places, there's so much wear and tear on our cars, we drive so, so much each day. Every day that we have to take Emma to the dog park, it's a 2 hour excursion. Every time we want to leave, it's 10 minutes in the canyon - minimum - to get to "civilization." And while we can walk to our post office, little general store, and a couple of restaurants, we can't really do so at night, which means little to no walking from home during the winter. 

Anyway. Back to my original reason for writing today. We just can't seem to catch a break with buying a place! We have been pre-approved by not one, but TWO financial institutions for a loan. We have steady jobs and have been paying down debts and saving money - and we've been told over and over that we're the "perfect" candidates. 

So what's the problem? Investors, competition, and, most recently, HOAs. Which I thought would be the LAST thing to prevent us from buying a place, by the way. 

Our newest woe? We found a cute, tiny condo in Santa Monica. Yes, the complete opposite of what we'd been looking at all year, and there's a story there, too. But anyway - we loved it. It's super cute, in a GREAT location, and we started to get excited about living more simply. We decided to put in an offer at full price - because now we've learned that in this market there are no "steals" at under the asking price - and everyone was optimistic and excited. 

And then we found out about the HOA's 10 lb limit on dogs. 


We offered anyway, contingent upon the HOA making an exception for Emma, who is 55 lbs, and they turned us down.

So let's get this straight, shall we? The owner of this condo is trying to sell. And before his condo is even on the market, he gets a full price offer that he can't accept it because of his HOA. If I were that guy, I'd be pretty irritated with the HOA.

Even more, and this is where I get stabby, I just saw the email the HOA sent back to the realtor telling him that no, they won't make an exception for us, and the last line was "...hopefully one of the other [offers] will work out if they can not find a new home for their pet." WHAT! This woman actually thought that we would give up our dog to buy a fucking condo??? FUCK you, no thanks.

I was (am?) pretty pissed about it, as you can tell. Because it's so LAME that they have a rule for no reason - there are no common areas in this building. The condo we offered on was a corner unit on the side of the building with just 2 other units, and was away from the carport at the end of a walkway. No one would ever have to walk by our place. So why is there even a size limit in existence?

And also, I'm mad because this is just the latest in the litany of rejections. And I KNOW that we should just brush it off and say the right thing will work out the way it's supposed to. I still believe that, really. But oh my gosh sometimes it's hard to figure out why we just can't catch a break!


Mrs. Case said...

sorry you're disappointed!

Candace said...

I really hope something pans out soon! As silly as it sounds, I'll add you guys to my prayer list! Universe! Get to work!