Saturday, August 11, 2012

30 Before 30: Photos & music backups!

"6. Organize and back up my music and photos."

This one has really been coming along for me! For Christmas last year, I asked my parents for external hard drives,  and received two of them! 

In addition, I had bought this little guy on Black Friday last year for a steal:

It works pretty well, and is easy to use. The only thing is that it takes time to scan each and every film negative, so I've only broken it out a couple of times while I was watching TV.
I've also been getting old negatives digitized at my local Costco. For the film I can't do myself, it's costing about $2.99/roll to have them put onto DVD, which is completely worth it to me!

I use one of the hard drives for a full backup of my hard drive, in case our computer ever crashes. I try to update it about once a month, so we would never lose too much. Then, I use another one JUST for a second backup of my photos. If I think about what I would save in a fire, it would be my camera, and this drive. Everything else can be replaced, but those photos are super important. 

I am going to consider this task complete, though I do still have the goal of digitizing my old VHS home videos as well. And I recently got a deal certificate for just that, so we're good to go now!


MonsteRawr said...

Get yourself on Carbonite. Not only does it give you safety in the cloud (just in case that hard drive goes up in flames in this hypothetical) but it automatically backs up all your valuables as soon as you add them. You literally don't have to think about it. We have all our pictures, music, financial records, and other important documents backed up on an external hard drive, but also on Carbonite.

addy said...

Ooh, I'll totally look into that, thanks!