Thursday, April 7, 2011

I need a new phone!

I need your opinions, Internets.

I need a new phone. I would like to get a new phone that I can use in Europe this summer. My problem? I have absolutely no idea which phone to get!

I have Verizon, so I have a couple options: another Blackberry, a Droid phone, or possibly the iPhone.

But I have concerns about all of them, so I need your opinions and advice.

I would love an iPhone, but I don't trust the first generation i-anything. And, the first round of Verizon iPhones don't work in Europe. The second generation one, a universal iPhone that works on all the systems, is rumored to be out this summer. But the latest report has them coming out in July, which is after our trip.

So my other options are the global Blackberry, or the Droid Global. I've heard good things about the Droid, but I've never used one myself. And I like my Blackberry, but it doesn't have the best Internet, which is essentially what I want it for.

Another option would be look further into Verizon's Global Travel Program, where you rent a phone for the time you're gone and then just pay for the service.

Now I know what you're thinking - isn't this a vacation? And I know. It's silly to want a phone that works there. But I want to be able to update as I go! And I'm extremely nervous about something going wrong with our re-launch at work and not being able to fix it. Plus, I plan on trying to travel internationally more often, anyway!

So give it to me. My priorities for this phone are - 1) works with my work email, and 2) the Internet works well. Which phone should I go for?


Anonymous said...

iPhone all the way! Hate using my husband's Blackberry. iPhone is so easy to navigate. All things Mac are good!

Nanette said...

We love our Droids.