Monday, April 5, 2010

The search begins...

We've started to actively look for a dog.

Our original criteria for a dog was this: 3-6 years old, medium to large in size, short hair. We'd love it if the dog is housebroken, but we decided we didn't want to NOT take a dog we fell in love with just for that. We want a dog we can take places (hikes, public locations, etc), that's ok with other dogs, and, because there are two kids living upstairs and we would sometimes use the side yard by their place, that's ok around kids.

So we had an idea of what kind of dog we wanted.

Then we went to our first stop, the shelter in Santa Monica, and found a 5 month old puppy. And she is so sweet. We said hi to her, and she immediately came up to the gate and pushed herself against it to get as close as possible. Then, I went in her area, and knelt down to play with her and she tried to squirm her entire 20 lb body onto my lap. She would definitely be a cuddle bug.

And now we're completely unsure of what type of dog to get.

On one hand, for us it's most important of all to find a dog we connect with, and that would be happy in our situation. But on the other hand, we're not sure if we have what it takes to get a puppy. It's not as fair to a puppy as it is to an older dog to be left at home for some time during the day. Though, the guy working at the SM shelter was really good with all the dogs and said she's a super, super mellow pup, and sleeps a lot during the day.

So I guess we'll see what happens. There was a person on a wait list for the puppy we saw, but I called this morning and he hadn't shown up at 8am today, so she's officially back "on the market." We'll probably go see her again tonight to spend a bit more time with her, take her out in the yard and all that. And, we plan on visiting the Camarillo animal shelter later tonight, and the Agoura one on Wednesday, if we haven't found our dog by then. I think Friday would be the most ideal day to get the dog, because then we'd have the weekend, and Sean would be on his 4 day, but like with everything else, we'll see how it goes. I am fully aware that things don't always go according to plan!

But the search is in full swing, and I'm so excited! I've been trying to think about how it will be with a dog when I do my day to day stuff - like when I get up, hang out at the house, etc. And it makes me want a dog even more, because we've realized that it is actually quite feasible for us to get a dog.

We let our neighbors and landlady know, too, so it's not a surprise when we show up with one, and I think our upstairs neighbors are almost more excited than we are. They already volunteered to be our backup if I get stuck at work or something and the dog needs to be taken in or out. Not that I'd be relying on that (it would be OUR dog, after all), but it's nice to know that the support is there! They told us their kids just had one request - that the dog could occasionally play fetch. We'll see how that one goes!


Rachel/The Sheriff said...

Potty training a puppy is NOT that hard, people are just lazy sometimes. Crate training works like a charm and could totally be a viable solution for you. And on that same subject - if you get a dog that is not a puppy I would NOT get one that is not potty trained - I would wonder why an older dog was not trained, seems very weird. Could lead to other things that are hard to train. Training your dog in all the basics, no matter what age, is SO IMPORTANT to your and their overall happiness!

casey said...

how excting!