Thursday, April 8, 2010


As we continue our search for a dog, the following question keeps popping up in my mind:

Am I ready for a dog?

The short answer? I'm not 100% sure. Am I a responsible adult? Yes. Would I take good care of a dog? Definitely. Would I love the dog and get attached to him and treat him like a family member? Of course.

So what's my hang up?

Maybe I'm just second guessing myself. Sean's working today, so I took my mom to see a dog we saw last night and liked. And I still liked him, but when the lady at the shelter told me that he was already neutered and that as soon as we did the paperwork, we could take him home with us, I had a weird moment of "Really? Hmm. Just like that?"

And now I'm almost doubting myself, which makes me crazy. I like to know things with absolute certainty, and I'm not quite sure that I'm there yet with getting a dog.

So I'm not sure what to do. Talk to Sean, definitely. Go back and visit the dog again, and see if something clicks. And think think think about exactly how our lives will change with a dog, and if we're really, truly prepared for that.


casey said...

you owe it to the dog and yourself to be confident in the decision so don't chide yourself too much for putting a lot of thought into the decision. you're doing the right thing by aking your time!

i thought my dog was having a stroke last night and sobbed for the better part of an hour. incidentally, she has to have another (very) costly surgery in two weeks and i still advocate having a pet (as i have said ad nauseum in the past.)

Demonic Blonde said...

I reccomend pet insurance. I also think you owe it to the dog to take him home, or at least consider what it does to him to see you repeated times, and then have to watch you leave. It's all heartrending.

I think you'll be okay with the decision once it's already made. It's the before part thats hard...

Hillary said...

The day after we brought Wolfgang home I wanted to give him away. Getting a pet is a huge adjustment - it changes your life (and I don't mean that in a douchey way, I just mean that your life will be altered.) I don't think that you'll ever be 100% sure. That being said, once you get through the initial "oh shit, what have we done?!" stage, the reward of actually having your pet is priceless. I'm so SO glad my Shawn didn't let me get rid of Wolfgang. He turned out to be pretty cool :)

Holly said...

I think it's good you're putting so much thought into what having a dog is going to entail. I agree, it's definitely not something someone should rush into! :)