Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, dear.

My poor upstairs neighbor.

Today, her dog peed through the deck again directly onto our deck. It was gross, but we could hear her yell at him and come down and clean up after him.

Then, her kid dropped (threw?) a butter knife over their deck onto the glass table on our deck, shattering it and getting glass EVERYWHERE. (We were gone at the time.) She again came down to clean everything up, left us a nice note about how she's going to come back tomorrow and finish getting the last of the glass she couldn't get in the dark, and how she's sorry for being the "neighbor from hell."

I feel bad, because that's a pretty shitty day.

Then again, I hate dog pee, and I really liked that table.

Maybe it's actually "poor us."


Rachel/The Sheriff said...

Wow, she has shitty luck - or just badly behaved kids and pets is more what it sounds like to me!

I hope she's going to replace the table?

MonsteRawr said...

On one hand, I feel really terrible for her, because it's not like she trained her dog to pee on you or her kid to drop butter knives. But on the other hand, it's much easier to be mad at someone when they're a bad person. Bitch!
Of course, we could also take a third route and be pissed at whatever jackass decided to make her deck slotted.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Is it that difficult to make a NO DOG ON DECK rule? Seriously. The dog's gotta go, so it's hard to blame the pup. But, that means they aren't taking him/her out enough ... I wouldn't feel bad for them at all. And would fully expect them to replace that table.

lifeintheleftlane said...

Oh, that is just awful! Is she paying you to get the table replaced? And what kind of dog just pees on a deck? Train that little guy to go outside in the grass!

CageQueen said...

And what about replacing your table? Maybe she needs to not let her kid outside unsupervised when he is over a story up?

adriana said...

Yeah, she definitely offered to replace the table - the thing is, it was there when we moved in and was old.. if we get a brand new one, it's not really fair because we didn't pay for the last one!

And I guess the incident happened when she and her older boy were clearing their dinner, and the knife actually did drop.

As for Ashton - he's old. And they have been really good about not leaving him out on the porch, but they're on the third floor and there's no where else for him to be, you know? I get that accidents happen, but MAN does it suck when he pees through the porch!

Alex said...

That is really crappy, I'm sorry you lost the table. =(