Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The temperature experiment.

And for further proof of how much of a nerd I am, I present to you:

My drive home by temperature: An experiment.

(Yes, this is an actual map of the route I drive home. I know I should maybe keep that private, but the odds of you actually finding my office or house by this map are slim to none, and that's making the rather huge assumption that someone gives enough of a shit to try.)

(Don't mind the "A" and "B" labels - we're going from "B" to "A." Cause that's how I roll. God, I'm a dork.)

4:47pm. I leave my office and while waiting at the light for the freeway, I notice that it's 96 degrees.And I decide to have a little project on my way home.

4:52pm. I've made it to Burbank, and it's now 98 degrees.

4:56pm. In the heart of the valley, it's still 100 degrees, even though it's almost 5pm.

5:11pm. I get off the freeway and it's 97 degrees. A tiny bit better than 100 degrees, but really who's counting once it's over 90 degrees?

5:16pm. I reach the top of the canyon and begin my descent down to our house. 92 degrees, and gradually cooling off!

5:26pm. I'm home! And, it might be because our driveway only gets direct sunlight for half the day, but it's only 87 degrees! We decide to have grilled chicken for dinner and we hang out on our porch until it gets dark.

So, what's the point of this geeky and fairly pointless post?

I have confirmed once again that our canyon kicks ass. Our house was actually another 10 degrees cooler than outside, because we're insulated by the dirt hillside that the house is build into.

[Note to self: Buy indoor and outdoor thermometers to further test theory that our apartment is the best apartment ever.]

Also? It's April, and already topping 100 degrees. We're have a LONG summer ahead of us, and I just thought it would be prudent to establish my complaints about that now.

I'm in a weird mood this week. Can you tell?


Shosh said...

I love your nerd experiments.

S~DLT said...

I love it!!! Gotta love the canyon!!
Here's my route.
1. Work - 97
2. LA Union Station - 100
3. Fullerton - 100 (6pm)
4. Fullerton - 89 (7:18pm)
5. Fullerton - 78 (10:20pm)
6. Fullerton - 73 (6am)

Sarah said...

See where it says 100 degrees. Yeah at that moment I was taking a spin class right there with no AC!!!!!!! DEATH!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

But, if you're a real tried & true geek, then you'll be able to tell us how much of that temperature swing was due to sitting in traffic (i.e., other cars giving off heat) versus actual swings in air temperature. =)