Friday, March 27, 2009

Our house, in the middle of our street.

As you're reading this, I will either be on my way to boarding the Mayercraft Carrier, or sailing away to Cabo San Lucas to the glorious songs of one of these bands. I've left a few posts for while I'm gone, and I hope you enjoy them! Starting us off... the weird shape of our house.

We live in an octagon.

When we were first moving into our apartment (shown above with the red doors that lack any kind of weather stripping), I tried to explain to people the weird angles and corners we were dealing with due to the abnormal shape of our house.

And they didn't really get it.

So, it would totally crack me up when people would come to visit for the first time, and say with surprise, "Oh my gosh, it IS an octagon!" Yes, I know! I told you!

Anyway, I finally got around to taking the photographic proof that we do, indeed, live in an octagon. As we have the bottom floor, we have about 5/8 of the "pie," with the remaining 3/8 being comprised of storage and hillside.

It's unique and strange, and we have all kinds of weird things to deal with, but we love every second of living there. Or, at least the seconds that aren't spent dealing with ants, or spiders, or whatever the bug of the week is. Lately it's been the ants, and it's been an interesting experience. It's just funny, because Sean and I have drastically different ways of handling things like ants. Sean doesn't really notice them at all. I can't do anything else until they're gone and taken care of.

Ex: This morning, we both got up. He showered and shaved and left for work. Then I went into the bathroom and was immediately accosted with the ants going after the banana peel he had left in the bathroom trash. They had been there the whole time - he just never paid attention or noticed them or whatever. They were even on the toilet seat! I guess I would be the only one to notice them there, but still. So, I dealt with them, but it's completely perplexing to me how he can do his thing without even noticing them.

Anyway, ants or no ants, our house still makes me happy on a daily basis, and I am so excited I get to come home to it after this trip.


Hillary said...

your octagon house is so cool!

have a fabulous trip - can't wait to see the photos

LAJ said...

Hey -- better an octagon than a shoe! I guess. But it is cool. Your house is a conversation piece.

Charm City Kim said...

I love that you live in an octagon!

And your trip? Ugh - so jealous.

adriana said...

Thanks! I love our house and it's so crazy unique! We had an amazing trip and I have enough material to blog for WEEKS! Photos coming soon!