Friday, February 27, 2009


Things I am currently wasting spending my time online researching:

1) Cabo San Lucas: what we should do on our stop in Cabo for Mayercraft 2009! We have been looking at shore excursions, and we found drawbacks to all the ones we were thinking of. We decided we just wanted to see a couple of things while we were in Cabo: the arch, downtown, and a beach. Any beach. So, I found a couple of websites that explained stuff, and I think I have a plan: a quick, 45 minute boat tour to Land's End where the arch is, and then hanging out downtown for a little shopping and beaching.

2) Passport renewal: no, I haven't done this yet. Bad me. But my friend at work told me about how he went in person to the passport office and they renewed his in about 45 minutes, so I think I'm going to do that. You can't go until 2 weeks prior to your trip, though. We leave March 27, so I am going to call on March 13 and make an appointment.

3) Bridesmaids dresses: We need to get on top of ordering ours for Candace's wedding. There are several Bill Levkoff dresses we're interested in - Candace is the best bride ever and is fine if we have different dresses, as long as we all order them together from the same batch of fabric so they match in color. My favorite right now is style 928. I think it's a recent style because I never saw it prior to a couple weeks ago. We're going to two bridal shops tomorrow morning - I've called both of them to ask about the styles. The first one (where Candace got her dress and we'd like to order ours from) doesn't have 928. The other one is getting back to me soon, so we'll see! (Don't mind this chick's crazy eyebrows!)

4) Where to get my new camera lens. I am determined to buy a Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens before my trip. Maybe even this weekend. But the thing is, I can't figure out where. It's no longer on sale at Amazon. :-( I totally should have gotten it when it was $612, and now I'm having a hard time finding it for less than $699. There are a couple of places that have it for $640 - like Ebay, but I was hoping to find a used one for cheaper. Maybe I should just suck it up and do it.

Busy weekend ahead - Toby Lightman @ Hotel Cafe tonight (woo!), bridesmaids dress shopping tomorrow, babysitting tomorrow night, and then going to see Rent with Shannon on Sunday! I've never seen it, or watched the movie, or listened to the music, so I am super excited!

Happy weekend everyone!


Demonic Blonde said...

Johns fav store is Canoga camera. Its in the valley, obviously, down from the topanga mall. I found it here for $624

But thats just a random internet search.

adriana said...

You are so freaking awesome!!!! I am totally going there!

Anonymous said...
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