Monday, January 12, 2009

Sorta shady?

Ok - let me start with the disclaimer that I don't know too much about this situation yet, and there are lots of things to be researched... but can I just say that I am immediately wary of Roland Burris and his seemingly gargantuan ego?

So far, he already has three strikes against him in my book:

1) He refers to himself in the third person, which I hate. I hate it even more in public speakers. It's like - are you serious? You ACTUALLY just referred to yourself in third person?

2) He has already purchased the mausoleum that he will be buried in, and it is already engraved with his accomplishments thus far. Control freak, much? You'll be dead - what the shit do you care what your grave says? I get it, I get it - legacy, etc. But why not just buy the space, and leave explicit details of what you want it to say?

3) His name is Roland. He named his son Roland II. He named his daughter Rolanda. WHAT? Now, I am totally fine with family names, and "JR," etc. But BOTH kids? Are you serious? Only hugely self-entitled individuals and crazy people do this.

I don't know. I am reading about a bunch of good things he's done, but I wonder if someone who is that egotistical could possibly be good for our country, especially at a time where a dose of humility could do us good.

So tell me, am I way off or right on target? If you know more about this dude than I do: Is he just "quirky?" Or is he a total douche?


Fabulously Broke said...

The guy sounds like a total freak.

You are so right to be creeped out. I am too.

I really hate the third person talk. Can you imagine "FB needs to sleep. FB needs to eat. FB wants you to shut up."

Ugh. How annoying!

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Dani said...

Dude. We should run for government. How do the yahoos get into office? Oh yeah, the sleazebags appoint them right before impeachment. Awesome.

S~DLT said...

Bullseye. Spot on. Right on the nose.