Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bounce that flash!

Sean got me the SB-600 bounce flash for Christmas.

I am in love. (With the flash, and with the man.)

I originally wanted the smaller SB-400 flash. I still kind of do, for those times that you want a bounce flash and don't want the 5 pound, as tall as my camera SB-600. But? The one he got me is like a dream come true.

Here's what I mean.

The photo above was taken with my Nikon D60, with the flash on the camera. It's a nice photo, but there are harsher shadows and some glare.

Here's the same photo, taken with the SB-600 bounce flash.

Need I say more?


Nilsa said...

I WANT THAT FLASH! I was just lamenting how much I love my new D90, but HATE the flash. It's awful. Someone was telling me the professional level cameras don't even come with flashes because the built-ins are THAT BAD. But the result of your pictures ... wow wow wow! Speaking of, cute picture, BTW!

adriana said...

GET IT! You should definitely invest in at LEAST the SB-400 if you take a lot of photos at night. I'd noticed that since I got the camera, I was taking 90% of photos without a flash at all. The camera's flash will do in a pinch, but the bounce is so amazing!

Fabulously Broke said...


Obviously.. not .. meant for compact digital cameras right? :(

Wow. IT looks wonderful.

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Dani said...

Oh yeah - how was the wedding? You and Rebecca look so cute!