Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Music I love: Tristan Prettyman & Sara Bareilles

I have recently realized that there are very few female musicians that I enjoy the entire album of. I've discovered that my usual pattern with female musicians is to buy one of their songs, then listen to more of their music, and maybe buy 2-5 more songs. I very rarely purchase entire albums, because I very rarely like all of the songs. There are two female musicians that stand out in my mind as albums that I can listen to all the way through, without skipping songs, or, more importantly, getting annoyed. They are Tristan Prettyman and Sara Bareilles, and this blog is to talk about them a little!

Tristan Prettyman's new album is out today! I have been a fan of Tristan Prettyman since December 2005 when I purchased her first album, twentythree, on Christmas Eve with a brand spankin' new iTunes gift card. I was in dire need of new music for (1) the long drive out to Yucaipa to see my grandma, and (2) the longer drive out to Tahoe for New Years the following week. I was SO pleasantly surprised! I think one of the motivating factors of purchasing her album was her duet with Jason Mraz. "Shy That Way" is a great song, and is worthy of being put on repeat in the background. Other songs from that album that I love are "Love Love Love," "Breathe," and "Mess." Since 2005 she's done some other songs, like "Beautiful" with G Love on his Lemonade album. And her new album, Hello, was being previewed on the Virgin Records site, so I'm already excited to receive my pre-ordered CD today in the mail. Songs that already stand out for me are "Hello," "Handshake," and "You Got Me," but I enjoyed the entire album, and definitely recommend checking it out.

I haven't been a fan of Sara Bareilles for very long, but I quickly fell in love with her album Little Voice after once again purchasing it on a whim off of iTunes gift cards. (Maybe that's a trend with me?) I liked "Love Song," but her album is so amazing that you almost don't want to listen to "Love Song" since you can find it on the radio all the time. My favorites from the album are "Morningside," "Love On The Rocks," and "Bottle It Up." Once again, it's an amazing album and I hope to hear lots more music from her! (If anyone knows of a way to get her other/older music, let me know and I will gladly pay you for a copy - Rachel? ;-)

Here's a video of Tristan Prettyman singing "Shy That Way" with Jason Mraz:


rachel/the sheriff said...

I am with you on the females - it takes a lot more and a while longer for me to be sucked in for some reason.

I love Sara, as you know - not a fan of Tristan though, sorry! I've seen her live a few times and thought every song sounded the same and she seemed like a silly teen girl on stage. Maybe I need to give her another chance.

saraH said...

tristan prettyman once sent me a postcard just because i told her it was my birthday. She is a super awesome person to all of her fans!